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when your friend cusses in front of your parents


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“Swearing is unattractive” I’m not attractive anyway so fuck off

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Best Birthday Ever..

I saw Jay-Z & Beyonce’ in concert, at the same time. I cried genuine tears twice.

I’m 22 Today !

I woke up to 1 text from my sister asking me if I could babysit her kid. Just that one. I kind of knew nobody would remember because my family doesn’t celebrate birthdays or holidays (simply because we don’t really like each other) but for some reason I’m always optimistic about it. My best friend was more excited than I was this morning, he was probably just trying to cheer me up, it worked a little I guess. So here I am one year older, one year closer to my ” If I ain’t shit by this date, date ” .. I’m just happy to be alive honestly. I’m proud of where I am, & working on where I’m going. I’m not doing too bad for 22. Plus I’m going to the ON THE RUN tour tonight !!!!!!!! *screams*

i deal with my personal problems the same way i study for tests

i don’t

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